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Vous rêvez de retrouver le plaisir de jouer à Xenon 2 sur ATARI ST mais……. Car il y a toujours un mais, vous n’avez pas envie de vous prendre la tête avec le paramétrage d’un émulateur alors ce blog est fait pour vous !!!! Vous allez pouvoir profiter de dizaines de jeux au format auto-exécutable. Rien à faire d’autre qu’un double-clique pour ce faire un VROOM, RICK DANGEROUS et bien d’autres….. Attention de bien télécharger le bon fichier en fonction de la version de votre système Microsoft 64 bits ou 32 bits !

vendredi 4 novembre 2016

HATARI 2 !!!! le retour

Cette nouvelle version ajoute le support des Atari TT et Falcon. Tout ceci est encore expérimentale, il n’y a d’ailleurs pas d’émulation du DSP du Falcon. Plusieurs correctifs ont été ajoutés, le build pour Windows se compile mieux au passage.

– Machine:
– Support for MegaST & MegaSTE machines added
(this also replaces the Real Time Clock / RTC option, since this chip
is only available on the Mega machines)
– The general purpose registers of the TT SCU are now correctly emulated
(this fixes the problem with AHDI not finding any partitions during boot)
– HD:
– Fix: Disable GEMDOS opcodes after GEMDOS drive is disabled
– Fix: GEMDOS HD can now be initialized multiple times,
e.g. when running EmuTOS RAM image from a normal TOS
– Fix: WORD access to IDE data register at 0xf00002
– Fix: ‘*.*’ pattern with GEMDOS HD should match also files
without extension
– Video:
– Full rewrite of the GLUE state machine, including support for the
4 wakeup states in STF mode, as well as more accurate video timings
(hbl, timer b, top/bottom and left/right removal, mixing 50/60/71 Hz
– Correctly shows the last 8 pixels for STE 224 byte overscan
– Fix: reading video counter $FF8205/07/09 after modifying it
while display is ON
– Fix: location of the video counter’s restart when screen runs at 60 Hz
– TT: sync ST & TT color registers immediately on write, handle
palette bank setting correctly, fix duochrome colors
– Falcon: handle byte access special case for ST color registers
– Falcon: border color support also in HiColor
– better hbl/timer b interrupts when CPU runs at 16/32 MHz
– Sound:
– Special cases for STE DMA sound when start address = end address
– Increase STE DMA volume when compared to the YM2149 volume
– Greatly improve Falcon DMA sound
– CPU:
– use WinUAE CPU for STF/STE mode too, not just Falcon (old CPU core
is considered deprecated)
– improved IACK and simultaneous interrupts
– access IO regs on 2 cycle boundaries when possible
– More accurate 68060 mode (instructions from previous CPU versions
removed in 68060 aren’t accepted/emulated anymore)
– Misc bus error / IO mem register handling fixes for TT & Falcon
(e.g. add TT DIP switch register handler)
– Blitter:
– Better bus arbitration when blitter is started
– Don’t cause bus error when accessing regions causing CPU bus error
– Fixes to DSP addressing
– Floppy:
– Fix the value of the WPT bit when inserting/ejecting a write protected
– Generic fixes:
– Autosave to already existing file works first time after v1.4
(dialog for file overwrite got automatically canceled on exit)
– MegaST/MegaSTe support
– Shortcuts can be configured in the keyboard dialog
– User can provide volume label when creating a floppy image
– Show dialog on HD image size issues
– Better SDL2 support:
– SDL2 is now enabled by default
– Resizable windows, including ST/STE screen scaling
– « –desktop » option is used also for ST/STe instead of « –desktop-st »
– Command line:
– Renamed –fpu-type option to –fpu
– Configuration:
– Hatari defaults to ST both with oldUAE & WinUAE CPU core
– Preferred private configuration directory is now ~/.config/hatari
on Linux/Unix (the legacy location ~/.hatari is still used if
the other one does not exist yet)
– Windows config location is now: AppData\Local\Hatari
– Support SDL key names in keymap files in addition to key codes
– Comment characters (#, 😉 can also be mapped in keymap file
– Added NatFeats SCSI (NF_SCSI) driver for Linux version of Hatari
– Debugger:
– Fix: close debugger log file only when explicitly requested,
not when continuing emulation from debugger
– Fix: direct DSP register, disasm and memdumps to debugger log
file, similarly to CPU
– Fix: direct CPU and DSP symbol traces to trace file, not stderr
– Fix: ‘:once’ option when there’s only one breakpoint (v1.9 regression)
– Fix: NatFeats NF_DEBUGGER command now actually drops to debugger
– ‘n’ (next) command run until (dbcc backwards branch) loop exits
(in addition to running until subroutine and exception calls return)
– Support Atari debugger XBios(11) / Dbmsg() API
– ‘variables’ / ‘v’ command to list Hatari debugger’s builtin symbols
– Also trace exception can be caught
– Removed features:
– Support for rendering to 8-bit host screens
– Support for (buggy) RsConf() interception with –bios-intercept
– Allow building without Zlib
– zip2st tool can convert directories to .st image files,
not just .zip files.
Fixed games:
– Chainz and Jewelz by Paradize (blitter, bus errors)
Fixed demos:
– spec512 image in the Intro of the Place To Be Again (video, restart counter)
– Menu screen in the Place To Be Again (video, writing/reading video
counter during active display)
– A Little Bit Insane by Lazer (no DMA sound during the demo)
– LoSTE and Closure by Sync (video, wakeup states and glue timings)
– Death of the left border by TNT (video, stabilizer)
– Gen4 Demo by Ziggy / Overlanders (video)
– Suretrip 49% by Checkpoint (cpu, exceptions stacking)
– Tymewarp by YM Rockerz (megaste mode, cpu control at $ff8e21)
– overscan plasma in Graphics Sound 2 in Relapse by Cybernetic (blitter)
– RGBeast by Agression (blitter)
– Drone by DHS, PhotoChrome Viewer by DML (video, last 8 pixels)

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