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Vous rêvez de retrouver le plaisir de jouer à Xenon 2 sur ATARI ST mais……. Car il y a toujours un mais, vous n’avez pas envie de vous prendre la tête avec le paramétrage d’un émulateur alors ce blog est fait pour vous !!!! Vous allez pouvoir profiter de dizaines de jeux au format auto-exécutable. Rien à faire d’autre qu’un double-clique pour ce faire un VROOM, RICK DANGEROUS et bien d’autres….. Attention de bien télécharger le bon fichier en fonction de la version de votre système Microsoft 64 bits ou 32 bits !

vendredi 6 octobre 2017

Atari legend is BACK !!!!!!

Je copie/colle le message posté sur Atari Forum :

Hello all,

We are proud to announce that after almost 3 years of late night coding sessions and a lot of hard work, we are finally able to release a first beta of this wonderfull project. Everything is here, games, reviews, interviews...and this time in a beautiful fully responsive environment (However, the skin switching did not make it in this release). We now also have an open control panel, so if you create an account, and you are interested in the inner workings of this project, be sure to check it out.

I personally would like to thank Silver Surfer for teaching me the wonders of ajax (and so much more!), Brume for disliking my first layout examples and showing me how a decent website should look, and my Sarah, for still being with me ;-)

I really hope you all enjoy this website in all its full HD glory. If you have questions or suggestions, or if you find a bug, please let us now. We really want to make the site a good as possible for you all. And yes ... there is much more to come! Game downloads are NOT available for now but will follow soon.

...Also don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (It isn't 2004 anymore!)

Check it out : http://www.atarilegend.com

This is STG, signing of!

PS : Also keep in mind we have cleaned up our user table. Accounts that have been inactive for the past 10 years, have been deleted. An email address is now also obligatory when creating a new account. If you forgot the pwd of your existing account and you haven't added an email address in the past (so you can not auto reset it), just get in touch with us and we will do the reset. Sorry for the inconvenience.

P.P.S : Sadly, yesterday evening I got the message there is a major style glitch in the top menu in Safari in full widescreen mode. I don't have a Mac, so I don't have Safari. The project has been tested in 6 browsers, Iphones, Ipad, android .... but no Safari :-) I want AL to be accessible to as many people as possible so I will do all I can to have this issue fixed ASAP. For now, use Chrome.

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